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I did a quick search and didnt see this posted. Its a good article. It also reminds me of how wrong I was to want Matt Leinart. I have completely forgotten my dissappointment in not getting him. Wow was I ever wrong.

Check out big brains on Saints, who drew own Brees conclusion
Nov. 15, 2006
By Clark Judge
CBS Senior Writer
Tell Clark your opinion!

Next time I have my palm read in New Orleans, I'm not walking to Bourbon Street. I'm tooling down the road to Metairie to check in with the Saints.
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sometimes i need to pinch myself. We have brees throwing to bush and colston. Three of our biggest stars who weren't even on the team last year. If all we got out of this year was that game in the dome vs Atl, we should all still be thankful. But we can be more thankful that we got so much more! So give thanks! 'tis the season
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I for one was thrilled when we went after, and landed him. I was yelling to draft this guy way back when. I wanted him to be a Saint back then. Even when he had a couple of bad years I still wanted him. I knew what he could be. Now, I am thrilled we have him, and I told him so back in training camp.
There's a pretty good MVP debate going on in repsonse to that article. Check out the "Brees for MVP" thread. Pretty much everyone agrees it's Brees, Manning, and LT as the frontrunners. There are a few uninformed posters downplaying Brees' impact, but overall it's a pretty good discussion.
It also reminds me of how wrong I was to want Matt Leinart
Plus he just became a baby daddy and then, I guess, dumped his PG girlfriend for Paris Hilton? How come we don't hear the dirt on him, or do I have my facts wrong? What does that have to do with football? Don't we like having a QB with character, not a QB who IS a character?

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