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I was there and didn't see anything that bad. They were actually a lot more tame than I expected. Theres a few bad apples everywhere though.
The booing and yelling I welcome, I like to return it when at away games. The throwing crap at people is juvenile though. If I see stuff like this going on against visiting fans at the Dome I will always come to their defense, as I have been to a lot of away games, and just wanting to travel and support your team should not be a reason to have to fight some drunken idiot. I have had mostly good experiences in traveling to games, but then again I usually get along with everyone. I have broken up several altercations at the Dome in my years of being a season ticket holder, but you usually dont see the whole mob attitude you saw in this video, its usually just one or two really drunk idiots.
It wasn't as bad as it looked. Those guys were young, drinking, and having fun. People today aren't as civilized as they used to be, so that's about par. I'm not excusing their boorish behavior, just saying it wasn't unusual.
somebody punch me if i ever laugh like that
It sounded just like this guy...

Sure, it's all laughing and joking and having a good time . . . until the Saints take the field. That's when reality really sets in and the laughter dies. Except for Saints fans.

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