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Oct 19, 2000
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So. Cal.
It caught me off guard to hear Coach Payton’s “Y’at” jump out during his VISA commercial which ran early in the game. Didn’t see it at any other time, but compared to his Coach speak interviews, you would swear he was from The Chalmation Nation or Chilly Gentilly. Fact of business is I was surprised it was even him once we had a clean shot of just who was sitting on that bench~!

I felt more love for him than usual ‘cause either he has learned it that well or maybe it’s getting under his skin to where he’s actually “becoming a real Y’at at heart”~! Didn’t know it was possible but if you are able to hear a replay his commercial, let me know what you think about his accent. Not “put on” or a “H’wood version” of our speech patterns. This dude has it down ya’ll, know what I’m say’in? In any case, he made me feel as if he’s really in love with our home town, warts and all.

I hope he’s doing fine and his heartache from divorce and missing his kids is waning somewhat. Lord knows he needs a new ring just as we ALL could use another Super Bowl Victory, this year especially since we have a huge election ahead of us!

Dude is a Champ in my book and I grew up in Arabi so I know a little someth’in someth’in about having a heavy accent. Great job representing Coach~! Solid WIN too btw. Let’s keep ‘em coming ‘cause we’ve got some winning to do and running the last 8 on the regular schedule would be a sweet way to head into the play-offs~! “Why aren’t we do’in dis on NFL Ticket Exchange?”( I know he should have said “ain’t” instead of aren’t but that’s too deep and no Agency would allow that to pass muster, besides, he’s a real Coach and can’t be spouting incorrect and ignorant real “street speak” language , so I give him a pass on dat right there”)

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