Coach of the Year- Sean Payton (1 Viewer)


Mar 25, 2002
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For Sean Payton to be the coach of the year, all he has to do is keep it up.

No coach has done as much with so little as the first-year leader of the Saints. As one general manager put it as an understatement, "I think they have overachieved."

And how have the Saints overachieved? By following Payton's lead. What he has done better than anyone is know when to take chances -- and when not to.
No respect! This Dan Pompous guy has always been a Saints Hater. He can ^&%!# his (&*^@. Oh, wait, never mind . . .
The article states that Payton has run one of the most difficult training camps. He's right. Look how fresh our players look in the 4th quarter. They have endurance with the substitutions and the way training camp was run.

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