Coach Payton is Terrible (1 Viewer)

Mar 10, 2004
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He just gave the ball up in the red zone. Why not kick the field goal? (I have Carney in my fantasy league) This coach should be fired! What a horrible call!
I know your being sarcastic but I wish we would of ran it in. Gruden would never give us that kind of respect.
karma has a way of catching up with you. It was a classy move by Payton.
I liked the sportmanship. You always want to show respect. Hokie and Jim were talking about how good it is when you are up enough in the game to run the clock out when you know you can't run the clock all the way out.
Better move to win with class and keep them from having a huge chip on their shoulder about it next time we play. I like the call.
Payton is a class act. He'd have probably done this with anyone, but he and Gruden used to work together, so there is a lot of respect between them.
How great is it to be a Saints fan when our team has dominated the game so much they can kneel on the ball and not even run out the clock!!!
WHO DAT!!!!!!!
It was a class move on his part, plus he is friends with Gruden. Having said that, I would have run it in. Wow.....6-2!!!!!!
good call by Payton in my book, it shows class.

(P.S. I have Carney in my fantasy league also lol)
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Yes, it was a classy decision... but...

The second the last tie breaker for the playoffs is 'Points Scored'.

Let's hope that this doesn't come back to haunt us. ;)

I love this coach! :D
I told my fiance'..... "Hope they give Colston one more TD catch, he is on my fantasy team"..... Just false hope I guess.

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