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Obviously we all know that our three losses in 09 were to the same teams as this year. (pokes, yucs, and panties)

Kind of nuts that our last few games of the 09 regular season were like this one. We weren't playing our best ball but Payton had our beloved black and gold ready to go.

In 09 our first playoff game was against the defending NFC champion cardinals after they just had a tough game against the packers. Kurt Warner was riding high in the playoffs and we disposed of him. This year we get Nick Foles after a big win at Chicago. Nick is a great person but Brees will show him who the best Westlake high quarterback is. Nick hasn't lost in the playoffs since 2014 to the Saints and Drew Brees. Now Drew gets to be the bookends to Foles magical run.

Today the number 504 is circulating everywhere which is fascinating to a numbers geek like myself.

In 09 (assuming we win Sunday) our next game was the NFC title game against the pokes or the team we had to hold off for home dome advantage. This season the pokes play the team that we had to hold off for home field this year.

All these things are really crazy and I really hope that history repeats itself.

Are there any other coincidences out there that I missed? And am I the only one that notices just how many times Philly and us meet in the playoffs.

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