Colston 1000 yards(MERGED) (1 Viewer)

82 catches, 1001 yards, 7 Tds on the season.


and people still ride him for dropping too many passes, dude has been pretty awesome this season.

AC_Saint, nothing wrong with trying to get positives out of a negative :9:
Colston equals beast
Lance morore is deadly
Meachem needs to get on it those 3 together with graham n bush/pt is unstopable wen 100%
Coslton is a bonafide 1st receiver. I think many teams woul dlove to have him. We are lucky to have this fine WR on our team. He is a sure Saints HOF member
Colston has flaws, but that doesn't mean he's not great.

He doesn't display any attitude and appears to have very high expectations for himself. I get upset when he drops a ball, but he also makes more consistent catches in traffic than anyone I can remember us having.

Typically big receivers have a problem creating space due to their below average acceleration/route running, but he's an above average route runner and we're lucky to have him.
Even though we lost, and the guy dropped a key pass, he deserves the recognition. He has been more than solid for us, and he didn't lose the game by himself. Congrats, Marques.

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