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Sep 28, 2006
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Behind the redwood curtain
Sorry I didnt realize this piece was old and had already been recapped.

Long piece including interviews with Marques, Payton, and Drew. Here is a recap:

Marques said the Cleveland game is when he realized theat he belonged here. Said he had a horrible rookie camp then worked all summer to come to training camp in shape. Payton said all he did in camp was catch everything thrown to him and keep getting better all day. Drew said that Horn mentored Marques in camp. When asked if he did any Drew said no from him it was more like Hey Rookie here is where I want you to be and catch the ball when I throw it to you. The piece ended by talking about how Marques lost his dad when he was 14 so he has always had to fight to take care of his family etc.

Then Marshall Faulk broke down some tape of Reggie. Nothing new here. Showed him going east to west and the fumble in the Pitt game. Said if he didn't start protecting the ball then there will be more fumbles.

This was the first time that I had a chance to hear Marques talk he is very well spoken and humble. I love this team!
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