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Feb 1, 2004
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SaintsCam. I saw a thread earlier but did not see it now. Sorry if I missed it, I will delete shortly..
whoa, we got him because of katrina, gg shrine game

and sean payton looks like my old GM :|
*Coach Payton spoke about how hard of a worker Marques is.
*Drew said that he told Colston"Just go here Rook and catch the ball"
*Colston said that he was surprised at his level of play and he wants to continue to get better.
There was more but thats all I can think of.
It wasn't that great of a piece. Still fun to watch, but nothing we haven't heard already. They didn't even show his best catches, in my opinion.
They talked to Loomis and Payton about how he made it all the way to the 252nd pick. Payton said after his first practice how he was having a rough time. Colston talked about that as well and said that he was doubting himself after the first two days of mini-camp.

They talked about his childhood a little bit and how he lost his father at the age of 14.

Asked him if he had exceeded his expectations for this year.. his answer "Yeah".
Did he ever say his own name so we know if anyone actually pronounces it correctly?
Did he ever say his own name so we know if anyone actually pronounces it correctly?

Considering that they had to introduce the piece somehow, I'd hope they spoke with him off-camera to make sure they got it right. Burns my blood when I see a feature piece on a guy and they can't even bring in the focus correctly.

I don't think it's Mar-KEZ (usually sp. Marquez) or Mar-KEESE (usually sp. Marquis). Regular ol' "Marcus" seems to be the answer.
does it matter? my wife calls him: CALHOUN!!!!!! (Calhooooooooon!!!). She knows his real name, but would rather call him that. he's her favorite player and i'm happy because it makes her love Saints football even more!

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