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Sep 19, 2002
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This guy is a TO type reciever. Just better cause he does not have the bad attitude. Good for you Colston.
I think he'll pan out to be far far better than T.O. He has the size, better hands, he's faster, and clearly much more intelligent.
They do look strikingly similar out on the field in play and build....not a bad player for Colston to be compared too!

and when I made the comparison I was told I was taking it to far...but like you guys said Colston at 6'4 230pds and 4.4 and Owen at 6'3 225pds 4.4 both very strong and can muscle DB's, but at the same time you can make the same comparison to Roy Williams or any other big reciever out there, I'm just happy we have one of those Big Recievers!!
I made the comment during the game when they showed him sitting on the sideline with a big smile:ezbill: , it's nice to see. That was the first time I can remember him sitting relaxed and happy on the bench.
T.O. has never been as good as Colston. T.O. is all smoke and mirrors with some overmarketing thrown in.
Marques Colston is like T.O. without the mouth, attitude, or personal issues. He went to Hofstra, which I believe is like our Rice, here in Houston, (high academic standards) so he must have been pretty sharp in the study department, which tells me he's not only smarter, but he has character and discipline.

I hope he's choosy when he gets offered those shoe commericals. Hopefully he wont do those ones that look like a "rap" video, where they take a perfectly intelligent guy, and make him look like he's about to carjack someone.

Marques, dont do commercials if they tell you to say "yo." Show off that Hofstra education! That would be much more "real." Fight the power and be a role model. Rebel!
Devery could learn a thing or two from him.
I never thought of that before you brought it up. I can see the comparison btw Colston and TO. That will creat mismatches for years to come. We better hold on to this gem!
To be honest, the player he reminds me the most is David Boston on his tenure with the cardinals.

Hope he has a better career, the guy has the right train of mind to continue being cool, at both sucess and failure.
Woahhhh all you need to settle down with the TO hate :) The guys not that great anymore but he is top 20 in every WR stat over the entire history of the NFL.

To say TO is all smoke and mirrors and has never been as good as Colston is a little of a stretch.

I think Colston def. has the potential to be better with this size, speed, and hands. Its gonna fun watching him over the next decade.

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