Completely hypothetical but would you trade these two current players for this Super Bowl core (1 Viewer)

As much as I love Thomas, hes the best wr to suit up as a saint. He is just 1 person. He goes down and we have nothing. With colston, Henderson, and moore we had options. We were a top 3 offense for YEARS with them.
I'd prefer we just get MT and AK some legit depth around them lol.
I would take that trade now. Heck one thing about Brees is the trust factor he has with his players. Those players had roles and did it with perfection. In any given game, someone was able to step up.

With the receivers we have now and the inconsistency with Kamara this year, I would give anything to have those guys now, even with Brees at his age now. You can sense Brees being frustrate at times.
2019 Brees better statically than 2009 version.

Give the 2019 Drew Brees the 2009 offensive line of the Saints.

We are 4-0 in the playoffs, save for Dennis Allen.
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2019 Brees better statically than 2009 version.
True...but the question was would you trade Thomas and Kamara and have those guys from 2009 with Brees now at his age. I would take it for sure just because how they were on point with their roles and any players can have a big day.

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