Completion record on the line for Brees/Manning (1 Viewer)

Saint Kamara

Formerly SaintSproles and SaintReggie
Dec 14, 2006
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Austin, TX
22 completions for Drew today

He is up by 25 before Manning played his game starting at 3 CST

Manning has 5 completions thus far halfway through the first quarter
Manning will probably break it and the media will probably make a big deal out of it even though they barely mentioned it when Drew set the record in 2007 and didn't mention it at all today when he broke it.
When will we all learn...Saints break records=non news worthy, Anybody else sniffs at a record=call Guinness. Speaking of which, I think I'll drink one!
He is at 19 completions with 12 minutes to go

So this one could come down to the wire
21 completions

they are punting with 8 minutes to go
23 completions

they just punted

3 minutes to go

Titans hold Brees' record in their hands
Drew sat out the last quarter.
Record meant nothing to the Saints.

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