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I'm happily on drugs
Nov 24, 1997
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The Damned at the HOB in Anaheim.
Also playing, The Epoxies and The Adored.
Quick bite to eat at Brennan's in Downtown Disney and much booziness.

This is going to be great.
(Hopefully I won't lose my wallet there like I did when I saw X a few months ago...... gluggity glug, baby)
pick me up at the Chevron. Who's still in the band other than Vanian and The Captain? though as long as they're there, it really doesn't matter.
What is this their fourth of fifth farewell tour? Are they be playing with clothes on this time?

Anyway, it should be a great show. The Damned are very underrated. The were one of the few original punk bands that ever bothered to really learn how to play instruments.
Drunky drunk.
Lots of rum.

Anyway, great great show.... as usual.
Took a camera phone pic of me a Vanian at the bar after the show.
Then talked with the Captain for a while.
Fun stuff.

Then I went to go get a shirt. The chick at the counter was british. When I asked her how much for the two I wanted, she replies, "35 pound...."
So of course, I say, "How much is that in stone?"
Then she catches on on her flub and plays along saying, "42.5" (fake math)
So I say, "I'm sorry, my wallet doesn't weigh that much."

You'd think with all that I'd get some kind of discount.
No luck.

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