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Sep 18, 2006
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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to say congrats to you and your team. You have proven today (at least to me) that you are a real playoff contender and THE team to beat in the NFC. Offensively and Defensively your coaching staff has shown the creativity and skill that is needed to have a successful team. The Saints are performing great as individuals and as a unit, which is difficult to manage in the NFL. From start to finish I could tell that the Saints show discipline, effort, and heart from start to finish, and I commend you for that. Other than a few drunks, your fans were cool-laid back people, and I appreciate that (I had a tough run in with some Carolina fans last time we played them in the Dome).

Hopefully, somehow the Falcons can turn things around, and at least finish around 500. this year. We have many fundamental problems with our team, and I am somewhat envious of your teams great fundamentals- i.e. catching, tackling, etc. . Well, I'm not going to make excuses for this team, that would be useless. Today you proved that it should either be the Saints or the Panthers representing the NFC in the SB.
Thanks for being a gracious fan and a fine sport about losing. I hope your boys beat Carolina and Dallas.
Thanks for showing class and sportsmanship funnyman, we feel your pain
thanks man, i wish all falcon fans had your class and good graces! You better bring Shaub in this is going to turn into a Brooks - Delhomme fiasco for you guys.
I dont feel his pain, classy Falcon fans are rare, and I wish nothing for them but to lose out !!! on another note.........WE OWNED THE FLACONS THIS YEAR !!!!! Clean Sweep.... Break out the brooms !!!
Thanks Funnyman, class post. Good luck the rest of the way bud.
Wow, as much as you want to really hate the Falcons, then a true sportsman shows up and makes that really hard to do. Keep your chin up. If the NFL has shown us anything these past few years, it's that turnaround can happen really quick. Anyway, your team really isn't bad, but to us it seems that your receivers and QB need some adjustments. I thought your defense played pretty darn well.
Funnyman4 ever-

very classy post - I think the Falcons position coaches needs some re-tooling. Your players are alot better than they are showing on the field. looks to me like a total lack of concentration on the player part.
I've been telling my husband for years that there really are nice people in Atlanta. I've actually met some! It is nice to hear from a Falcons fan who is also a good sport. It happens so rarely on this board.

I am not even thinking about the SB yet. OK, that might be a lie. :D
thanks for the post.

today to me was a perfect Vick game. Amazing running the ball, maybe the best open field player in the league. Still finding his way in the pocket and victimized by some truly horrendous drops, especially that last long bomb which was right in the guy's hands and for which Vick paid the price, getting creamed after the let go of the ball. That had to be discouraging. Falcons have plenty of talent. Harnessing it has been the problem. Doesn't help to have old man Mora shooting from the lip either.
98% of the Falcons fans were very nice to me and my crew today. Even when I was being extremely vocal throughout the entire game the people around me stayed polite.!!


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