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Pat Kirwan is absolutley correct in his article:

Johnson has rounded the Saints Wrs into maybe the best in the's about time he gets some props for the outstanding job he has done.

Exactly, think about how many dropped passes we had over the past years, and all of the griping we did about it. (Hear that Donte? hmm?)
Good to see some of these "behind the scenes" guys getting some recognition. Johnson has done great job having our guys ready. Our receivers run solid routes, Brees knows where each of our receivers is on the field. But the biggest improvment I've seen our receivers catch the ball with their hands, not their bodies. It's sounds simple but Donte Streetcloths was notorious for catching the ball against his chest. Which resulted in lots of passes bouncing off his chest. The route running and catching all can be traced to Johnson.

Another assistant who deserves to be recognized is OL Coach Doug Marrone. This guy has really done an amazing job of asssembling then having the OL play like they've been together for years. Jhari Evans is a true rookie, Jon Stinchcomb is a virtual rookie, Jamal Brown switched from RT to LT without a letdown, Jeff Faine is playing at Pro Bowl level. This unit is prepped and ready to play at a very high level every week.

I just hope we can hold onto Johnson and Marrone for awhile......right now I think the Falcons would kill for Johnson and I'm sure the Panthers would love to have Marrone.....
I think he is a great coach. No matter who gets in there, they produce, it is a credit to him. One the other hand, Atlanta's recievers are three former number ones and they are horrible, is their coach that bad?
Marrone has done an admiral job of putting this patchwork line together, but I give a good portion of the credit to Drew working the pocket for what it gives him. Not to take anything away from Marrone or the OLine, but Brees is feeling that pocket real well. I hope Drew has taken them out for a coupla po boys for their great work.
Great props from Pat Kirwan. If I am not mistaken, he gave Doug Marrone props a couple weeks ago in his "Unsung Heroes" piece? Thanks for a job well done to these coaches!
A smart QB makes everyone look good, and play hard.
Curtis Johnson for Assistant Coach of the Year. He has done a remarkable job with this squad. Ensuring everyone is accountable for their actions and performances.
hooray for Curtis Johnson, a Louisiana native and St. Charles Catholic Comets alum!
Coach Johnson is the man!!!! He desreves credit for the wide outs and coming back home and choosing the Saints. Bet he is glad he left the "U" because he would be looking for a job right now.
Good article. Coach Johnson needs more recognition for getting and keeping this receiver corps ready and productive. We take for granted things like this when things are going good. You can bet Atlanta fans wish their receivers coach was Curtis Johnson.

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