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Jan 22, 2000
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While his lead was never in doubt, Scott is now officially the 2012 Champion of the Yahoo! Sports Pro Football Pick'Em Contest!!!

The final Top Ten looks like this:

1 patronius       184       184-82

2 SC504       177       177-89

3 MaxLibido       176       176-90

4 Spearmint Snoball       175       175-91

5 tujmeister       174       174-92

6 coolbreeze       173       173-93

7 xpuma20x       172       172-94

8 mvtrucking       171       171-95

9 Red Rooster Rules       171       171-95

10 0rion       170       170-96

Thanks to all the contestants this year and hopefully we will all be able to pick the Saints in the final Pick'Em next year!


( I played under the name tujmeister, so patronius crushed me by 10 points. :mecry: )
congrats.....184 points is a pretty good year. I actually forgot to pick the superbowl although it wouldn't have made much difference. I most likely would've taken the 49ers.
Congrats to the champ! Made a couple better decisions than me lol ill be back and ready for a better 2013! Who Dat!
Congratulations patronius!

Haven't played Pick'Em in a while. Might join next year.

Last time I played seriously.
Probably beginners luck.

Was without spread, but still ok.


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#9 for me!

I have had the privilege of knowing patronius since long before there was an

I can tell you that this victory was no fluke. Man knows his football.
Ugh. I was in 2nd but forgot about the postseason picks.
I made it all the way to 4th before the playoffs hit and then I got a little risque in hopes of gaining some W's. However with Patronius' lead, it didn't really matter. He could have not made a single playoff pick and still most likely won, great job man!
With all the false modesty I can summon, thanks to all. It was fun all year.
Any idea when I can expect my trophy and check? :hihi:

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