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Aug 9, 2004
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Maybe get something off your chest? Maybe end up in a fight?

I'll start.

I like Jane's Addiction. A lot. I can still listen to their albums - they're killer. But "Jane Says" is a lame song. Don't ever need to hear it again.


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Jan 11, 2002
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Duncan Plaza
.Metallica too, to a lesser extent....

>>Pink Floyd? Really? Blasphomous!!!!!!

Yeah I know. I don't do acid so I don't really get their music, but luckily there is usually something else on the radio when Pink Floyd comes on Classic Vinyl or Classic Rewind.
I like Pink Floyd OK, but acid doesn't really help.

Also, other than the classics (Miles Davis, Coltrane, Armstrong, etc) jazz music generally sucks.

Zack Lee

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Jul 8, 2008
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a van down by the river
I grew past them when I saw them at the Chicago Stadium for my seventh birthday in 1978.

They are the perfect example of the saying "if you can't play well, play loud."
when we recently were discussing first concerts in the air supply thread, I almost said they were my first because I didn’t remember the Starship concert (go figure it was forgettable). Anyway a friend twisted my arm to go to the Unmasked tour. I wasn’t a fan but he had nobody to go with. The one thing I can say about that concert is it was loud.

it was loud and.... yea.

The Moose

Aug 13, 2001
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I second this.

I saw them live. Fishbone, STP (original line up), RHCP. All of my friends were so excited about RHCP. I thought I knew a lot of their stuff, but I guess I really didn't.

We get to the concert venue (The World amphitheater in Chicago). We see one or two of the guys from Fishbone running laps around the parking lot. I think the guy ran 3-4 miles. Before their show!

I didn't know a single song of theirs, but it was fun and had good energy.

Then, STP hits the Stage and puts on probably one of the best 45 minute sets I've ever seen. No lighting, no pyro, just great music, and a ton of energy. Scott Weiland was a slithering snake force of nature. I didn't own a single one of their CD's.. I realized I knew everything they played, and I loved their music. I bought one album within the week, and I think another soon after.


Then they're done.. audio equipment is being swapped out. .the sun is starting to set.

RHCP finally take the stage. Pretty cool lighting. I knew like 4-5 of their songs.. the rest were pretty boring. The only interesting person on stage was Flea. Flea is another force of nature.. everyone else sucks. maybe they used to be fun, or interesting, but they were just sorta chill, except for Flea. The thing I loved about Flea was that he was the "filler" between almost every song. But by the end of their set, I had started to get a headache (no drinking, maybe from a long day in the heat), and their music was boring me. Their final song was some sort of slow jam song, that ended with just a ton of guitar feedback/distortion.. sounded awful.

I seriously felt like STP should be the headliner.

Something close to this, without the lighting.

I kinda agree with you.

I did see the rhcp a bunch over the years. Saw them at a tiny club Jimmy's in new Orleans on their first tour I think. Might have been 40 people at it.

But I have to say one of the best concerts I ever saw was them in 91 and it was not them that was good.

That was a great tour. Pearl jam opened then smashing pumpkins then the rhcp.

Needless to say the other two rocked the house. It was before anyone knew who they were.

Great show.

Oh fishbone is one of my all-time favorites. Just a fun band if they are on their game that day. Figured them out if they played tips twice go to the first one. Because the second show they were hurting from being here.

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