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Oct 16, 2001
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So we're all being affected one way or another. For me, my job has been drastically affected. My wife's role at the hospital is completely fluid at the moment. The day care is closed so our two year old needs daily care. And we'll be welcoming a newborn in the next 6-8 weeks. Needless to say, it's a lot of unknown and change in a very short period of time. And the lack of a real timeline is less than comforting.

I'd like to make a thread that is separate from the main update thread or humor thread, which I believe both serve important purposes on their own. I'd like this to be a place to discuss change, frustrations, excitements, joys, and pains. Feel free to share your struggles, thoughts, ideas and tips, or even pictures of your bored kids.



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Apr 30, 2007
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by the cemeteries
Mississippi casinos reopened yesterday at 8 am.
Today, my wife and I went to lunch at the Island View Casino, Gulfport, one of our old favorites.
For you good folks in the restaurant business, here's what the Island View has changed:

1. We arrived at 11:00 and there were no people in line at the buffet. None.
2. Instead of cramming as many people into one section as possible before opening another section, they had all sections open. The waiter escorted us to a table at the far edge of the dining area. The closest other customers were two table rows away. There were roughly 20 people scattered around in an area that normally seats 200+.
3. All the staff were wearing masks and gloves. Perhaps half the patrons wore masks.
4. Clear panels were installed on the serving line with a 12-inch gap at the bottom. Everything had switched from serve-yourself to cafeteria-style, with servers placing portions on our plates for entrees.
5. For various vegetables, fruits, salads and sauces, the portions were presented in covered plastic containers or glass bowls.
6. One of my usual favorites, sliced to order rare roast beef was gone. Less expensive roast turkey, ham and Joe Horn sausage were offered.
7. My wife grumbled a bit. She likes to pick her portions herself, but as the meal went on, she warmed to it. When she went back for seconds on shrimp, she returned with a heaping plateful. "I told him that he overdid it, and he said that I didn't tell him to stop, so he kept going."
8. The gelato counter was still open, but the row of gumball type dispensers for different topping was gone. You want toppings, you ask for them and the masked and gloved server adds them for you.
9. My wife's favorite thing used to be cheesecake with rum sauce. The rum sauce was for bread pudding, of course, but that never stopped her. Now, the bread pudding and rum sauce are together, sealed in a plastic container. While she pouted, I grabbed a cheesecake and the bread pudding, went back to our table and combined them, keeping the bread pudding for myself. Hooray!
9. After lunch, before entering the gaming area, we had to stop at a checkpoint with a big sign and state for the record that we did not have any symptoms listed on the sign.
10. For every grouping of four machines, the middle two machines were closed and the stools were removed. I wasted $1 on nickle video poker and we left.

Overall, I felt like the casino took reasonable precautions. In some ways, the serve-yourself mayhem of casino buffets has always been cringe-worthy for germ-a-phobics. I have a relative or two that won't set foot in a buffet of any kind under any circumstances. Horror stories about little kids mouthing food and putting it back aren't hard to find . . . we're looking at you, Cici's.
that actually sounds pretty well organized/run - you got me nervous when i first read 'buffet'

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