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May 29, 2006
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Reppin' N.O. here in DFW
"Steel City shakeup: Cowher benches top CB Taylor

Only two months after the Pittsburgh Steelers signed Ike Taylor to a $22.5 million contract extension, the team's top cornerback has been relegated to a role in the dime coverage package.

In the wake of the Steelers' dismal 2-6 start, the worst eight-game record ever for a defending Super Bowl champion, coach Bill Cowher suggested he might make some lineup changes. And he began by benching Taylor, who was strafed by Denver wide receiver Javon Walker in last Sunday's loss to the Broncos, and replacing him with second-year veteran Bryant McFadden at left cornerback."

Steelers making moves already... must be from that bulletin board material that "Peezy" laid out.
I knew Ike Taylor when he was here in lafayette, much more mouth than talent...he's quick and the officials have let him mug receivers for a few years, leading many to think he's better than he really is.
well that works out for us...they will have a guy with little experience covering horn, colston, or henderson.....drew will have a big day

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