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Jul 20, 2001
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The EE gets too serious every now and again, so how about dumb **** people have done in NOLA, or crazy trips?

1st trip: Mardi Gras '97. Buddy has a friend that is from NOLA and says we can stay with his parents in Metarie. Me and 3 buddies go a day early and sleep in the car at City Park, woke up in the car to people playing tennis. We were told by locals later that this was not a good idea, the park is not great after dark. I don't know if that's true or false in 1997. Day 2, drive up to his parent's place, his mother runs outside waving a gun at us. She knew it was us, but she's a crazy coonass ***** and was trying to scare us. At 19 years old, they keep us loaded on booze the whole trip and drive us around. We brought acid and tripped on Bourbon the last night. I wave my pitiful LSD shriveled peen at girls on a balcony and get the most crappy beads ever (which my shriveled junk deserved). Also at some point in the trip I walk into a street light cartoon-style and knock myself out.

2nd trip: Spring break '97. Took a QP and stayed with some girls at Tulane. Our goal (3 of us) was to smoke the entire QP in the 3 days we were there. We came home with a half O. We lit everyone up in that entire area of town. There's a bar called The Boot near Tulane that kept us loaded, even at 19 years old. Hell, we had booze delivered to the dorm we were staying in at Tulane and they never once carded us. That was crazy to some 19 year old kids from Arkansas.

New Years 2k - 8 of us crammed into a small 2 queen bed room at the Bourbon Orleans. Maids were asking us for weed because the room reeked. I met my mortal enemy, a janitor at a bar on Bourbon. 2 friends left a day early, somehow ended up in Alabama on their way back to Arkansas.

A few more times since I got older they aren't as eventful. Wife and I met Mike McKenzie at Acme in Oct 2010. He was more than gracious, took pics, let us wear the SB ring, etc. After that meeting, we went to Harrah's and gambled. Got obliterated, walked back to the hotel and went to sleep. At some point I woke up, walked to the bathroom (I thought) naked, and ended up walking into the hotel hallway. The most horrifying sound you can hear is the door "click" as you realize you just walked into a hotel hallways naked at 2am.

Saints games in NOLA:

Niners 2001
Steelers 2002
Falcons 2007
Raiders 2008
Jets 2009
Steelers 2010

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