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Jul 9, 2001
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Petraeus faced questioning from all three major candidates yesterday, so he did face the next president, barring some incredible circumstance down the road. So, let's take a look.

The link...OK.
Petraeus faces next president - Decision '08 -

The headline...OK.
Petraeus faces presidential hopefuls
Next commander in chief gets chance with top U.S. general in Iraq

The picture and its caption...uhhhh...hmmmm...LOL!

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton greets Gen. David Petraeus Tuesday before his testimony on the status of the war in Iraq.

Some would call it propaganda.
Others would say it's pure coincidence.
Some might suggest it was a Freudian slip.
I'd call it "EDITORIALIZING." :D


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May 8, 2002
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I'd call it "EDITORIALIZING." :D

I don't think I agree with this conclusion. I don't think it's coincidence, but I do think that it was probably the best shot that particular photographer had of Patreaus with any of the candidates.

I really think your reading way too much into the photo. The other option of course, was to get a photo of Obama, Clinton, and McCain together, thus representing a "balanced" photo.

Of course it's not going to happen. So if Patreaus was shot with McCain would it be propaganda? No. What about just Obama? Or Obama and Clinton? No and no. Really, it's a "no win" proposition here given the choices the editors had. Either go with Obama, Clinton or McCain--I mean, when is a photograph just a photograph and not "propaganda?"

The story is about the future presidents' interaction with Patreaus. This shot was likely the best one. I wouldn't read any more or less into it.

I think the most logical reason for the photograph is probably simple--either the photographer didn't get a shot of Patreaus with any of the other candidates or this particular one was the best. Really, I think we can go overboard here in picking apart every press story, photograph, etc.
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