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Mar 20, 2000
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Albuquerque, NM
Anyone gonna be there Sunday? I've gotta work all weekend and I might try to get away for a few hours for the game.
I'm going to try. I will have my 5 year old in tow though. I've never had him there before, you think it would be too much? I've been trying to convince myself I'll only stay for a little bit, but you know that won't work. Ugh..
Is any of the local stations in DFW going to carry the Saints game?
Sorry, no Saints on local DFW TV this weekend. We get Jax@Phi. And by "we" I mean those of you who do not have the Sunday Ticket.
Was afarid of that am packing now to go to Fort Worth.
Yeah..just found this:

Sunday, Oct. 29 Indianapolis at Denver (4:15 p.m. ET, CBS)
Dallas at Carolina (8:15 p.m. ET, NBC)

ARGH! :angryrazz:
Kudzu, the Jax/Philly game is the noon CBS game as well.
Blergh on that! I've got to figure out how to see the Saints! :scratch:

Ben's needs a playground for the kiddies. For real ya'll.
where is this bens half yard located? i was thinking about making my first trip to gator's in euless this weekend. which of these 2 would be better for watching the saints game? and which one would be closer? (i'm in saginaw)
I'm at Ben's every Sunday along with eaux-yeah. It's a fun place to watch the game. We have a big projector screen for every game. Just make a right as soon as you walk in. Chopzley, I dont know where saginaw is but Ben's is at 7102 Greenville Ave. in Dallas. Also if you guys end up going I would recommend getting there early. It's a big hangout for Bears fans and the parking spots go quick. Also there is an ever growing number of Saints fans and the seats get taken quickly. There are about 50 of us now I would estimate. Hope to see you guys there.:bier:
You know me too..I'm feeling neglected. ::sniff:: Naw...for real, it's getting more popular. Get there for a parking spot.
Sorry, no Saints on local DFW TV this weekend. We get Jax@Phi. And by "we" I mean those of you who do not have the Sunday Ticket.

Indeed. There used to be a time; however, when I did not have Sunday Ticket, and during those times, so long long ago, I traveled ALL OVER THE CITY looking for a good place and never found one. I cannot vouch for the half-yard place, but I can say you can call around to the numerous Fox and Hounds here in town and ask if they will have the sound on. This is important as they may relegate the Saints game to one of their 100 screens and have another game on the big screen with sound (most F&H have 3 rooms with 3 featured games). Even in the leanest most competive weeks, there would be at least one Fox and Hound that had the Saints on the Big Screen with sound.

Good Luck!

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