Dalton or Winston (1 Viewer)

rather have Dalton for the long haul but Winston for a one year one million deal.
Dalton is 32, Winston is 26.

Coming from a tough Arians offense and given the price, I'd take Winston every time. And this is coming from someone who loved to bag on him and thinks Dalton is a more pure pocket passer which I prefer.

I don't know if you hate the Jameis signing or like/love the signing but I can make an educated guess as to which side you're on. Andy Dalton? A good replacement for Drew after he retires? How? I mean, besides the fact that he isn't Winston. How would Andy be a good replacement? And I got nothing against Andy. He's an OK player. But he's also 32 years old, turning 33 later this year. Got benched last season after starting the season 0-8. And is clearly on the downside of his career yet you feel he's a better replacement for us after Drew retires than Jameis or Taysom?? I don't know what else to say but, and I mean this with no disrespect to you sir, but I, for one, am glad you don't make the decisions for our team if you truly believe your post.

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