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Nov 18, 2000
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I'm sure most of the LSU fans on here know who Dandy Don is...every day for 14 + years he has posted updates on LSU athletics and pays a lot of attention to recruiting. I've been reading for 12, and the first thing I do every morning is go to his website. I guess he is the definition of an LSU homer, but I mean that affectionately because he is such a nice and intelligent man. Heck, I'm an LSU homer. He might pick LSU to go 10-2 before the season, but when it comes to specifically picking games each week, he always gives a great justification for picking LSU to win.

Anyway, he posts some stories every year about Thanksgiving, but he changed it this year because his wife of 50+ years just died. He frequently kept us updated on his wife's failing medical condition, but he always wrote in a way to inspire. He himself has colon cancer, and he has had surgery and is undergoing chemotherapy. I hate to be morbid, but he wont live forever. There is no one I can think of who represents the spirit of LSU athletics more than Dandy Don.

I just posted this because I want to make sure every LSU fan knows who Dandy Don is. I also think his Thanksgiving message is incredibly inspiring and moving, so even non-LSU fans can get a lot out of it (his message isn't about LSU). If you read this, you will not be disappointed.


And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! And thanks Dandy Don for being such an inspiration

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