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Nov 5, 2006
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Didnt see it here but did anyone see when Danny Clark hit head up with parker on the 3 yrd line to stop the score. I guess thats why they call him hammerhead.:ezbill:
I saw it. I wondered why hew wasn't in more!
I'd like to see the guy get a full shot at MLB... I'm disappointed in Simineau's play. MLBs should finish the game with 1 tackle on a consistant basis unless we're playing against the run and shoot offense of Warren Moon's Oliers...
I wouldn't be surprised to see his playing time increase after Sunday. Simoneau has played pretty well so far, but had a BAD day on Sunday. Clark has a rep for not being very good as pass coverage, but will probably get more plays next Sunday anyway, especially in obvious running situations..
Lack of coverage skills. I'm not an authority on our goal line coverage schemes, but I'm almost positive Clark was supposed to cover Heath Miller on the 2yd touchdown pass near the goal line in the first quarter. Also, it is not the first time I've seen him bite on play action and have the pass go over the top to a TE he should have been on.

Don't get me wrong, Clark can lay the wood, I just think he's a liability in coverage and that's why he hasn't seen more playing time.
agree Tenordes, I think giving up a 200plus rusher will make payton try something new, and going against the Bengals and Rudi Johnson who will pound you will show how Simoneau is not strong at the point of attack and maybe we get Clark in more, whats the harm in starting him 1 game? will it really throw off the defensive continuity that much by replacing one player....specially if its with a more capable player? (against the run)
LOL the weekly Danny Clark thread is upon us.

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