Darren Sharper's got something to say on Twitter (1 Viewer)

He shoved McKenzie so hard the other day that McAlister got cut.
It's strange.... I wouldn't have considered him as one of the best of all time until I saw him play this year. Usually, Green Bay players get recognized, but somehow he never got the credit he deserved.
That's right Darren - no one respects you or your portfolio! Gotta keep showing out! If you let up now you'll be forgotten! Two more pick sixes until immortality! Holla!

(hey if he wants to feel disrespected, I'm not getting in between him and recognition - I saw what he did to Kevin Faulk...)
has anyone seen him hangin around lil weezy lately? juve? manny? full length lp comming soon? take a guess at the name of the album???
Dude has a point just like most Saints he is considered good but he plays in New Orleans so not the best...

Jared Allen = Will Smith
Drew Brees = Brady and Manning
going back a bit
Ricky Jackson = EVERY LB IN THAT ERA!!!
I wouldn't trade him for anyone right now. He's been playing out of his mind.

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