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Dec 8, 2010
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Slidell, La
As I have been perusing the forum I see alot of talk here and there about our next D.C. So I decided to ask everyone a two part question to maybe organize ideas.

1) Who do you want as the new D.C.?
2) Who do you think will be the new D.C.?
1) that dude from the 49ers
2) that dude from the 49ers
Ed Donatell. St. PJ listed his résumé in a recent post. He's legit. Not to mention he is part of defense that knows what they are doing and play angry.
To be honest I'm not sure who I want, Crennel, Superbowl defensive assistants or college people.
Who from the Ravens defensive coaches is a good candidate?
Jim tonsula from the 49ers , hes good with working with the dline which we need badly.
Someone who's mean as ****.

I'm up for the job. Cover 0 all day baby.
I think Crennel is a little to old to bring in. I believe Tomsula would be a good fit.
Okay, gotta change mine. Tomsula, Grantham or Crennel. Looking at it, I don't think Donatel would bring in much success as DC (at least, looking at his past history). Tomsula built up the Niners' D. Not sure he'd want to leave, though. After all, it'd only be a lateral move for him. Grantham, to me, seems to be the most promising choice. Crennel, I'd worry about his age but he does have a solid history of building good defenses...but I'm also not sure we're looking to build. Grantham's got fire about him and seems like a good leader.
Watching the Pro Bowl and 4 defenders from K.C. made the team (3 LB's and a safety). I'm not saying.....I'm just saying....Romeo C. must have been doing something right there...

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