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Sep 24, 2009
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Let's face it...not many people with an opinion give the Saints much of a chance to beat the Giants. The usual saying is when you go on the road make sure you pack your Running Game and Defense. Unfortunately the Saints don't have much of either especially the latter. But that's why they play the games and if the Saints can find just a little bit of a pass rush I believe they can have success. Calling Jordan, Fairley, Kruger and Edebali to step up your games and meet the QB that is ELI.

As far as how I would defend the Giants threesome of WR's stay with me and have an open mind.

First of all I would NOT but PJ Williams on O'dell Beckham Jr. I would give that assignment to Crawley because he does have a little height. Of course I would give him help over the top. It's time for Byrd to start earning his money and give help in covering an elite receiver. Or if they feel more comfortable with Vacarro playing that role then that's fine too. I would then put PJ Williams on their rookie WR Sterling Shepard. My reasoning for this is that if PJ can have success covering Shepard one on one it will give him confidence and it may frustrate Eli Manning.

The wild card is Victor Cruz...he scares me because if he is anything near what he was before he got hurt in 2014 I don't know if the Saints can cover him. If Sterling Moore is active and ready then I'd let him have a crack at him and hope for the best. Moore does have some experience so I figure this is the best matchup for him since Cruz loves to work out of the slot.

Again, the ultimate key to getting a victory is a pass rush which is something we haven't seen in a long time. I sure hope someone can motivate these guys. Stop wasting Drew Brees greatness with lackluster defensive play. The Who Dat Nation needs a win in the worse way after going winless in the Preseason and suffering such a heartbreaking home opening loss last week.
I'm not trying to hateful but I don't think there is a plan for success that includes Ken Crowley, that plan isnt really a successful plan...

Crowley may have some potential but if he plays like he did this past Sunday, he won't be around long...

It's unfortunate for him but I don't think the Saints envisioned him having this big a role. I'm sure they assumed he could ease his way thru it... he will need to grow up fast or it won't end well...
I agree with you that our defense didn't play well, but to say we don't have much of a running game. Not true. We averaged 4.8 yds. per carry and I think we rushed for 88 yds. but we were mostly passing in the last game. When we did run the ball we were effective.

Now as for the defense, I believe the defense will play better this week. We should be able to get pressure on Eli. He is almost a statue in the pocket and if you start to get pressure on him and he gets rattled and throws INT's.

I would rather see Moore on OBJ than Crawley.
It's supposed to be raining on Sunday. So if it is, I would play some bump and run with help over the top.
Sterling Moore on Odell, PJ on Shepard, Harris on Cruz. Mix in lots of trap coverages because they will likely anticipate lots of cover 2 from the defense. We have to win at the LOS on Sunday. We do that and we win.
The best way to defend their WRs is the same way they'll try to defend ours.

Get to the guy throwing them the ball. Eli isn't nearly the scrambler Carr is. He's no statue, but we shouldn't struggle to run him down from behind if he breaks the pocket. Emphasis on shouldn't.

As far as actually defending their wideouts, gotta go two high safeties. Might mean breaking out Vonn Bell or Erik Harris.
I think you gotta bracket OBJ with Moore and Byrd. If I a DC I want some experience on OBJ who would otherwise draw plenty of PI calls on the younger DBs. I'm leaving Byrd close by in a two high set because OBJ is one of those guys QBs will force the ball to. Byrd will have his chance to get his hands on some balls if he's still at all the ball hawk he was with the Bills.

PJ and Sheppard is a glorified elite college matchup as I'm not sure either has quite matured into NFL savvy players

Harris should be fine on Cruz in the nickle too. Cruz is much slower these days and will not win a game for you but can get a few first downs with his quickness and route running. However he's the best option to have our UDFA corner have his ups and downs against as the downs won't be gamebreakinig.

Crawley might show up with some plays in the passing game but his lack of tackling should keep him on the bench or in 4 WR sets. You have him on OBJ and they gonna make him tackle. If Crawley whiffed ever there is no FS in the league I'd feel comfortable with trying to save a TD against OBJ in space.

I think we can scheme to defend the receivers downfield making this game come down to tackling and stopping the RBs of the Giants. This is a much worse offensive line but probably a better all around back in Jennings. If we can slow him and vereen with our base front 7 or nickle front we should be good. The key for that is our DL keeping their OL off our smaller LBs.

Two keys:
1) Good tackling
2) Keept the LBs clean

I think most everything else can be schemed for but we need to tackle. The big plays will probably be more from a missed tackle on the outside than a deep pass IMO.
I think it'll be a repeat of last year. Pass rush will be invisible because Eli's first read will be open and he'll get the ball out within 3 seconds.

Who ever has the ball last will win.
I think I would be blitzing 75% of this game and just hope for sacks or turnovers....Only shot we gonna have this game
I think I would be blitzing 75% of this game and just hope for sacks or turnovers....Only shot we gonna have this game

I agree 100%, cause dont forget Eli is a guy who will force the ball and take chances. and if the Saints can get pick or 2 that could be the difference from winning 41-37 to losing 41-45.

And I would much rather give up a big play instead of a 17 play 9 minute drive like the game last year.
I would play Byrd and bell back there and vaccaro on the LOS nickel.

Laurinitis Robertson and Anthony as LBs

And blitz vaccaro Anthony a lot

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