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Sep 20, 2008
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Portland, Oregon
Doubtless Williams had his troops armed and ready for his return to Buffalo. He also had the full backing of head coach Sean Payton, who during the week challenged his defense to play to its capability after allowing 27 and 22 points in victories over Detroit and Philadelphia.
"He pretty much said that we have to affect this game," Smith said. "And as you could see today, we did."
"We watched some film," Smith said. "They have the young offensive line. They're very talented, but they're making a lot of mistakes and getting a lot of pressure. So we knew coming in that we felt as if we had an advantage today of our defensive line versus their offensive line. If we didn't come out of this game making any plays we would have been very disappointed."
"The way the defensive line pressured the quarterback, the way the linebackers took away the underneath, it all works hand in hand," said Greer, who left the Bills for the Saints in free agency after last season. "To say us as a secondary shut him out would be a little selfish. I know that in this game one good play often shadows the real work. And I think if you [say] that we shut him down I think that overshadows the way the defensive line allowed that to happen."

article here:http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/story/809994.html

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