did anyone else see the falcons reciever talking smack to coach payton? (1 Viewer)


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Feb 5, 2005
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i think it was jenkins, towards the end of the game. i was in a very crowded, roudy bar, what was all that about? i was waiting for someone to pull a turley on that guy.
I thought it was White but they were both laughing and smiling so im sure it wasnt serious.
think the receiver was saying that the call would stand (it was during the review of i think the graham fumble) and the only thing i could get from reading payton's lips was "you watch". so probably was joking about the call
This encounter between coach and opposing player was very good-natured ... both were getting a chuckle.

However, think back to the 2000 playoff game at Minnesota. Does anyone remember Coach Haslett and Chris Carter on the Saints sideline? They were not smiling and had to be separated. After the game, I think they they met on the field and apparently all was forgiven.

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