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Jun 21, 2006
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Happen to catch Reggies first go route , ( Unless Ive missed one in the past games) I called it when I saw him lined up on the left, and my brother said ..No, we arent going to run a go route with Reggie..Then we did !! All though Brees looked pressured and Reggie wasnt open, I think the pass went out of bounds !!! Cool though..
actually reggie had a step on the defender and the ball didn't go out of bounds. it grazed his finger tips. you are right about brees being pressured though. had brees had a few more seconds, that could've easily been 6 points. i think we will se that play again this year.
it was a slant and go.. Brees threw a pump fake out there that worked

i like the play - since we run a lot of quick slants and such with reggie

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