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Oct 17, 2006
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metry brah
They rebuilt their defense in our image and they went out and got a (washed but still good) star in Campbell. Did the falcons get better or just a little better than last season's dumpster fire?
It's really hard to know how they will do next year but yeah, that team will be a thorn in the Saints side for years to come. sad to say it but you know they will bring their A game against us. Allen doesn't root against rivals the way that Payton did. Payton declared the Falcons the enemy. Allen is more like, 'look see, they are compeition, and well, people who are competition are going to play hard and so will we."
He didn’t look like much last year. A small sample size, obviously, but the good ones usually show some flashes early on.
Yeah, when Jalen Hurts played us in one of his first games in 2020, he didn't look like last year's Jalen Hurts but definitely showed some flashes. Ridder looked bad last year. I do not expect him to be a good QB.

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