Dilfer: Falcons can be beaten at home (1 Viewer)

Dilfer: The Falcons can be beaten at home

He pretty strongly said the Atlanta Falcons are not the best team in the NFL. He went on to compare them to the 2003 Kansas City Chiefs, who went 13-3 in the regular season, but promptly got bounced in the playoffs. Then, to put the star on the top of the tree, Dilfer went on to say the Falcons are not indestructible at home. As a matter of fact, Dilfer said he thinks the New Orleans Saints can come into the Georgia Dome on Monday night and he wasn’t done there. Dilfer also said the Saints could come back to the Georgia Dome in the playoffs and knock off the Falcons.

This ought to ruffle the feathers of the Failcons and their fans.
Don't look to Trent Dilfer for verification...it's just embarassing. Like that loss we're gonna hand the Falcons, hey-oh!
Is he really saying anything at all? Is it such a stretch that the Falcons COULD be beat home?
Look!! A Falcons' fan living in San Francisco!!

reading comprehension FTL. I'm a Saints fan living in SF. Anyway, the falcons home streak is mostly a case of sample size and good luck. Their dome isn't particularly loud and they aren't constructed like the circa-2000 rams (a team that was virtually designed to optimally play in a dome.) The falcons, on the other hand, aren't particularly fast and don't specifically play the type of spread-out game that thrives in a dome.

Objectively, If you look at their home wins for this season, there's at least 3 of them where they were fairly outplayed. Definitely the SF and GB game, and the TB game to a lesser extent. They were incredibly lucky to come out of all these games with a win.

Sure their dome presents a hfa, but it's not really a bigger hfa than any other place. Vegas seems to agree, being that the Saints are only +2.5. If their hfa was so massive, the line would be favoring the falcons a lot more.

Using Dilfer for verification is dumb, he's just some espn talking head that gets paid to spit cliches and other football nonsense.
He said not only will we win Monday night, but that we're going to go right back to Atlanta in January and beat them again.
Of course the falcons can be beaten at home. They should've of loss to Bal, SF, and T.B. Their luck is going to run out in the playoffs.
dilfer has been with use since middle of last year, he got a little wobbley going into the playoffs, but snapped out of it pretty quick. i think he likes our qb.
So, are there a thousand no respect threads popping up on the falcons board?

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