Disappointed in the loss but still looking ahead (1 Viewer)


Sep 24, 2009
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It always sucks to lose but I thought the Saints gave a great road effort. The only thing that burns me is how Ray Rice dominated the game. Other than Vilma we have very suspect linebackers. The secondary's tackling as a whole wasn't so great either. Still, all is not lost as the Saints still figure to be playoff bound and a chance is all you need. Tampa Bay losing also helps that cause.
I'm happy they came back to tie it and could have and should have won it. But it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway (as far as HFA position)
Mistakes were made in all phases today. It happens. But what I love is the way the Saints show up in big games. They might lose one every now and then but they are never intimidated and they never back down.
You guys are right...it just sucks to lose. On to the next one...thanks for the positive thoughts fellas.
Anybody know what time the team is going to arrive at the airport tonight?

Not sure what time they are arriving, but expect that half the D won't be on the plane due to missing the flight.
I'm not really upset about this loss. The Ravens are a great team and our boys played them hard on their home turf. There is no shame in this loss.
At least we went out there against a good D and did something on offense in the cold weather. We were completely one dimensional and could still move the ball against a good defense.

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