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Floyd Reese / ESPN

Anyone is capable of determining the measurables of a draft-eligible player. NFL scouts are able to quantify a player's speed, agility, strength and body-fat percentage using a variety of drills and measurements.

Being able to value a player's intangibles is quite different, and the aptitude to put a value on these characteristics is what makes a talent evaluator great. With the NFL scouting combine set to begin next week, here are five important intangibles that scouts and front-office personnel will try to evaluate:

Character: Character is the main reason a sixth-round draft choice can become the league MVP. High-character players are aware of their value and they understand exactly what is expected from them. Of all of the intangibles, character allows teams to hit on a sixth-round pick, but it is also capable of making a first-round picks a bust. Full Story – ESPN

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