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Oct 21, 2002
BUCS 2-4

1. Saints need to come up big in this game against the Ravens and show the league and the world that this Ravens D is not that tuff after all. Plus that will put a lot of pressure on the other NFC South teams. Make it 6-1 at home in the DOME.

2. Falcons travel to the Bengals. I want to take the Bengals but Vick is awesome. I am hoping that the Bengals clamp down and send the Falcons
back with a loss. Falcon lose. Come back 4-3

3. Panthers are at home against the Cowboys. Peppers and company should rattle the Cowboys QB ROMO often in this game. Owens will be frustrated once again and panthers come away with a blowout win. Panthers win. Move up to 5-3 and comes close to the Saints.

4. Bucs travel to the Giants. Eli Manning with a dose of the other Barber twin TIKI will send the Bucs back home with a lost. Bucs come back with a 2-5 record.

So this game is real important for the Saints because the Panthers and the Falcons is sitting right there ready to take the crown. Fans let's get behind this Saints team and rally them to victory today. I got my "CRUNK JUICE" do you guys have yours. Let's make some much needed noise in the DOME today
and send the RAVENS back saying those guys are good and really seperate ourselves from the division. Hey and plus these guys want be back in the DOME for 2 weeks. I'm ready to make some noise baby. WHO DAT TALKIN BOUT BEATIN THEM SAINTS!!!!!!

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