Poll Do the Saints Trade up, down or stand Pat? (1 Viewer)

Do the Saints move up, down or stand pat

  • Move up

    Votes: 52 65.8%
  • Move down

    Votes: 5 6.3%
  • Stand pat

    Votes: 22 27.8%

  • Total voters
We don't have a 2nd round pick, so if we don't use all of our resources to get a higher pick in the 1st round, I think we try to gain a 2nd round pick somehow.

:hihi: I knew what you meant and I agree with the thought that the best course is to trade back to acquire another pick or two.
66% of respondents know Sean Payton quite well. He has no patience šŸ˜‚ and he knows who he wants.

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