Do you think we’ll trade for a second 1st? (1 Viewer)


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Oct 11, 2010
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It feels inevitable to me with our draft history under Loomis and Payton, and Brees’ clock ticking. There are also three AFC teams with two picks ahead of us...Fins at 5/18, Jags at 9/20, and Raiders at 12/19. That 18/19/20 cluster looks like a good range for acquiring a second pick. I don’t think we’d go after the higher picks, unless we’re looking to trade up from 24.

Anyways, it seems like a good way to address WR/OG, or WR/CB, or WR/S, etc.
This year I think there are more chances of trading down then trading up.

We only have 5 picks, and frankly, the value between late first and early third picks is not that different on this draft.
I will trust Mike D and his take

in truth we need a whole helluvalot to be SB contenders, probably not going to ever get there in the time Drew has left. All in on draft day or FA? we still need lots of future picks, cap hell is a Loomis specialty.

Davenport is done, weak mind and not willing to handle the pain of Lisfranc recovery. Too soon to repeat that mistake.
I think they go for a position they value early like oline, dline, or db and then figured out a way to move up in the 2nd or early 3rd for a wr if they don't think one will be there by our late 3rd.

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