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Jul 9, 2009
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Let's be honest with ourselves. This season was dead on arrival even before the regular season started. I know it's an old cliche but it's so true. You win with defense in this league and not offense. For whatever reason we did not address our defensive issues and are paying for it dearly.You just have no playmakers on that side of the ball. Just like the previous two games there were plays to be made and we just didn't make them on defense. You add to that the extremely poor special teams play and the poor talent evaluation. Sure we've had injuries but this team has looked poor on defense for several seasons now even when healthy. Until Payton and Loomis allow the defensive coordinator to pick ALL of his position coaches and players this is what we will continue to get on the defensive side of the ball. Ultimately this debacle all falls on Lomis and Payton. I predicted a 6-10 season and that may be a stretch now. I'm sill hoping I'm dead wrong.

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