does anyone in the media know the Saints on the radio? (1 Viewer)


Aug 17, 2000
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I was listening to fox network this morning I beleive and they always have Nate Newton on talking football and he goes on talking about this kid from New Orleans called David Colston lol gimme a break.

Then J Dub "BTW who is he anyway I know he used to play on the Cowboys defense in the 90s"

anyway he says just imagine if Bush was on a team that could run the ball.

I think these guys hate talking about the Saints because I never hear them saying anything thats close to a compliment.
Just wait til we go to Dallas and stomp the Cowgirls. We are going to hurt Romo and they will be forced to put Bledsoe back in and we will set a single game record for sacks.
it was decided in that other thread that 'David Colston' is his new nickname. Turns out Nate 'Big Smoke' Newton is a big Saints fan!

j/k btw But seriously, I wouldn't get too worked up about what a drug runner has to say.
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213 pounds to be exact! I looked it up to make sure I wasn't doggin' the wrong guy. WOW! That had to look like a Cheech and Chong movie. :hihi:
LOL yea, I remember when it was reported on ESPN. Then like a few years ago they did a story on outside the lines and everything. He made some stupid decision, but then again so does everyone else. I just hope he is a better man now.

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