Does Our Defense Have More Talent Than Our Offense? (1 Viewer)

RJ in Lafayette

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Jan 27, 1999
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Yes, two years ago, seeing an increase in talent on defense and thinking our talent on offense was overrated, I offered a similar question. The thread ran several pages. Most disagreed. Strongly. A few were even less charitable in their responses.

However, for the same reasons, I again raise the question and suggest the answer may be yes. A return of a healthy Byrd and the 2013 Vacarro is needed. But we have long had talent in the defensive line, the secondary should be much improved, and fi bally there is range and athleticism at linebacker.

On offense, our wide receivers as a group are below average, our running backs as a group are at best average, and our interior offensive line and tight end grouping lack depth. Without Brees and with an average quarterback, we would have possibly a bottom quarter offense.

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