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Aug 2, 2005
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New Orleans, LA
As my beloved Saints continue to roll and show us that they are not one-dimensional, I get more nervous. Why? Because the Saints have a tendency to beat themselves worse than any opponent on the schedule. I try my hardest to NOT read the silly power rankings. Remember guys, these idiots will toss the Saints under a bus the first chance they get.

The Saints have a real opportunity to run the table this year and get Home-Field throughout.
There isn't one team on our schedule that scares me at all. Only the Jets, Patriots, Falcons and Giants have a real chance of beating us. I had to do a double-take on our schedule. I thought, "That's it? Really?". If the Saints don't eat the cheese and stay focused on the current team we're playing, we will go very far in the playoffs.

So, in closing -- Bring on the J E T S!!!!!!!!! Our D is gonna make Sanchez look like a rookie. My prediction -- Jets 14 - Saints 28

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