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Oct 19, 2000
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Wherever I go? There I AM~!
This Hoakie-ism was a "Classic" on Sunday and I intend to insert it into my daily vocabulary of witicisms and over-all colloquial sayings.

It certainly applies to Our SAINTS being 6-0! I remember us being 7-0 and SI putting Bobby Hebert on the Cover! I think we went 12-4 that year and The 9'er's still had our number of either The Minnie Cats caught us back in The Dome Patrol days!

This TEAM, I think you ALL will agree, while not the Dome Patrol, is one BEAST of a threat in all three phases of the game. If we can get Malcolm Jenkins back healthy we've got our gunner and our Return guys are set as well. Field position along with everything else will lead us right back to Miami in Feb., of this, I have no doubt. In fact we may get there without yet another spot filler for Steve Gleason on Sp. Teams. But let's not get ahead of our selves and thump the melon just yet. Or, as Mr. Wolfe says in Pulp Fiction: "Let's not start sucking .... ...... ..... just yet gentlemen~!" :

We've got to wade through our Division like a hot knife through butter just to make sure we're ready for The Big Dogs who have been there and been there for a while. However, let's not forget the accomplishments of this team, or a lesser version of this TEAM which brought us one game away from the Superbowl in '06 and then those teams which have accomplished so much since. I heard someone, maybe it was "Chuckie" on the Monday Night crew say that when a Coach and QB are so on the same page it makes them almost impossible to beat I then thought of Payton and Drew and then "Chuckie" will be shoveling love on us this Monday because he and Coach Payton are good Buds, it's going to be so awesome! This Dome has GOT to ROCK and make the announcing crew have to scream over them during the call of the game. I may turn DOWN WWL and the Television UP just to hear "Chuckie" extoll the virtues of our team in so many ways and lay some insights on us he picked up in training camp and so forth!

Don't thump the free Watermelon Boys! Just take that sucker and enjoy the sweet nectar of the fruits of your Summer workouts!

Guys remember this ; A woman will fall head over heals for you if you give her and unexpected gift at an unexpected time! This has nothing to do with football but a lot to do with logic of the heart and nothing is more Nawl'ins than a true Southern Gentleman performing his magic on a Cajun Queen under a Cypress Swamp Yellow Moon!

The Chalmation Nation and A Nation Member Repp'in The Left Coast Rocks with The SAINTS!!!!!!! Laissez Les Bon Ton Roulette!

I am so stoked for the rest of this season to unfold! I'm concerned as always about our injuries and want Our TEAM at peak performance when the time comes. I love Reggie and his HEART! No haters around here although he drives me crazy too with his stops! Just break through that first line Son and THEN juke your behind off and blister 'em with your giddy-up speed! Even Deion Sanders will fall in love with you if you just use your break-away speed to leave 'em gasping and grabbing for and at air! You're as tough as a Rail Road Spike and of that I have no doubt so just follow your initial blocks and smoke 'em!

Much Love to The ENTIRE TEAM, Coaches and Staff! You guys have built something special and it's time not to eat the cheese but to TAKE THE CHEESE! Miami here we come AGAIN!

!!!!!!!!!!!!GEAUX SAINTS GEAUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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