Don't you love how Payton... (1 Viewer)


Aug 15, 2005
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gets everyone eligible involved in the game!!!!!! Billy Miller (the newest Saint) had a big time catch to keep a drive going. Payton said if you are on this team, you will contribute. He was right.

Also, has anyone heard the status of linebacker Simoneau?


Oct 26, 2006
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Thibodaux, LA
I remember last year when the Miami Heat were making their run to the championship Pat Riley kept calling his men "the 15 strong" meaning everyone on the team contributes making the team stronger. I see the Saints as the "53 strong" because it seems that it doesn't matter who's not playing someone behind him steps in and fills the void.

As for Simoneau, he was only out for one play and I think he said after the game that he was OK.

Saintfan in Dallas

Go Dogs!
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Jul 13, 2001
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Mesquite, TX
I remember last year when the Miami Heat were making their run to the championship Pat Riley kept calling his men "the 15 strong" QUOTE]

Mavs fan here- Does this 15 strong include the refs? They were so up Dwayne Wade butt, they should have been part of the team. I am done with the NBA, it is no better than the WWF.

Great Dane

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Feb 6, 2003
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And what about his handling of the fans and media?? Heck. Even I feel like I am contributing to the teams success (which off course I am not). Payton makes you feel special!!

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