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Drew Brees, new targets working to paint same picture for Saints

By Nick Underhill -- Advocate

There’s a picture Drew Brees wants to see on every play.

It only takes a minute to see what is supposed to spill out on the canvas. First, he evaluates the defense. An image forms based on what he sees, and so too does an expectation that his receivers are going to read the defense the same way as him.

“They need to be where they are supposed to be, their timing – all of that,” coach Sean Payton said.

The arrows and lines in the Saints’ playbook are at times suggestions. And conquering those as they're drawn can be challenging enough for a young receiver, but this offense, to some degree, also has roots in jazz.

When a play is called, if the cornerback or safety lines up in a certain place or defends the route in a certain manner, there’s an expectation that the receivers are going to see it the same way as Brees and adjust accordingly.

What this means is that Brees is often throwing the ball to a spot on the field with anticipation, and he expects his targets to be there.

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Jan 10, 2014
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This is a big reason why I don't see Brees going anywhere. If he does, it would likely be that the front office was ready to move on. Manning had to ensure he would be able to run his offense when he signed with Denver. Brees and Payton built this offense and playbook and they trust nobody to run it better. This late in his career, Brees should only be worrying about his conditioning and physical health. If it we're me, I would want to stay right where I am until I can no longer play at my highest level. Then I would walk away from the game.

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