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Jan 2, 2016
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I’m putting this here because this isn’t just a vs raiders problem. It’s a 2020 problem. Brees’s arm strength has been an issue (argue if you want, silly argument) but he’s been able to compensate with I.Q and accuracy. This season his accuracy is very iffy.

Either A) he’s hit the wall where his arm strength has declined to a point where he’s not even accurate anymore. B) he’s injured and we don’t know. C) his off season “new found deep ball” strength, is a change in throwing mechanics that is causing inaccurate passes.

Obviously, it could possible be a bit of a combination of all 3, but more than like it’s A. I think defenses know there’s no deep threat. I believe that “deep” pass to cooks in wk 1 was due to the defender getting lazy because he thought they were out of Drews range.

This isn’t the popular opinion but I don’t think this team will see a superbowl with brees at qb. I hate to see him go, but the decline is real. There’s no big play in this offense without some after catch action.

Yes the defense got handled tonight but they are about what I thought they were. They’re good but not amazing. Lattimore is good, not amazing. You add this fact to brees not being able to threaten the deep ball and this team will have another early exit if they even get to the playoffs.


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Oct 25, 2010
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The game was sloppy all around but its obvious to anyone with eyes that Drew is not himself. I don't know why this is controversial to say. He's simply past his prime.

We have a qb on the sideline who has proven time and time again to be a huge motivator when on the field and can still hit the deep target. Yet we keep carting Drew out there to dink and dunk and throw the occasional sloppy 15 yard pass.

Drew is a legend, nothing will take that away EVER. But he's not the future anymore and we seem to be living in the past.


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Apr 26, 2006
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Well Drew couldn't do much when the Raiders had the ball the entire freaking 3rd quarter.

This loss goes on everyone. The coaches. The players. The guy who drove the bus, the fans they showed on the broadcast, my stupid work schedule, and those stupid LED headlights that blind everyone at night.

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Mar 6, 2002
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It's a carry over from last year. His arm strength is a real concern and limits the offense, he is a dink and dunker at this point in his career,
Fact. And if you can’t stretch the defense vertically anymore, teams are too fast and strong and they’ll just squat on everything in front of them. Teams have figured us out. Vikings set the blueprint and Tampa and LV have followed.


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Oct 16, 2001
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Drew has not offered physical talent as an advantage for years. IQ and prep can only go so far. And now the short accuracy doesn't seem to be there either. I really expected to see taysom in on 30-40% of the plays after we paid him. It was frustrating not to see more of that when it was clear we needed a spark.

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