Drew's Relationship with Cam Cameron (1 Viewer)

Sep 20, 2008
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Cam Cameron was the Offensive Coordinator for Chargers from 2002-2006
Who was Quarterback during some of those years Drew Brees
Who probably still knows that offense like the back of his hands(Audibles,signals and formations)

how much of an advantage will this give Gregg Williams and our D
Probably not much. Ravens dont have exactly the most complex offense in the game.
so know one thinks it may help our D at all that Brees was under Cam's offense for so long
know one thinks he is going to point out stuff too Vilma, Williams et al
Cam Cameron has been with two different teams since then. I am going to assume the signals have changed since then, but hey maybe not.

Either way I seriously doubt Drew can provide anything GW doesn't already know about Cam. If anything I am guessing Drew will give GW some hint on his play calling tendencies.
That's a long time to still have the same signals. But who knows.
The way the NFL works, there is really nothing that Brees could tell his coaches about Cameron's offense other than what they already see on film. The most Brees could do is offer up some playcalling tendencies based on various looks.
This also can be used in reverse Cam might know some tendencies Drew 'used' to have, he's evolved his game so much I doubt any are still valid... likewise Cam has probably changed his system since changing teams so it's really a moot point..
Not too much. When your a coach you always have your principles or tendencies, and they'll stay the same and Drew will be able to help with that somewhat. But this is the NFL, offenses change every year. Plays are added and dropped, every week.

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