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Jan 3, 2006
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Reading the Left Lane driving thread got me thinking about driving through residential areas. Why do people feel they need to speed through these areas? speed limits are 25, 30, 35mph. do you really need to be doing 50 mph through these areas? Sometimes its easier to cut through the residential areas to avoid heavy traffic. These people are also the ones who will tailgate you when you are doing the speed limit. go around if you don't want to do the speed limit. who cares if its a no passing zone, obviously you don't care about breaking the law. but you won't because it makes you look like an a*hole and a sure fire way to get a ticket. if you are tailgating me because you don't want to do the speed limit, get ready to go even slower, because if you tailgate me, I will slow down even more until you back off. No, I'm not going to break check, but I will continue to go slower and slower until you get off my bumper.
Would it kill you to stop at the stop sign? I don't care if you come to a crawl, then slowly go through, that doesn't bother me. but because you know its a three way stop and no one is at the stop sign, doesn't mean you can just blow through the intersection. I have kids and I would not like to see them get killed by a maniac. if you are doing an acceptable speed, if a kid suddenly ends up in the road, you will be able to stop quickly enough. at 25 mph, you can stop pretty much brake instantly. at 45 or 50, not so much.
Just quit trying to be cool and respect these areas. On the open road, be Mad Max if you like.

why is everyone in such a hurry? how often does a couple of minutes make that much of a difference?


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Sep 9, 2001
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I think they are too busy texting to realize how fast they are going.

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