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Mar 16, 2005
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I hope Freddie T. and Terminator can continue the trend amongst Bucs recievers. Not only that but Cadillac had a career low in yards last weekend. it gets no easier.
To elaborate: Mr. Gruden took heat for throwing it so often but not getting any TD or many points as a result in last week's lost to the Giants. he said there were alot of dropped balls by Tampa's recievers. I'm tired of watching us be the elixir to what ails other teams. Gradkowski's play has gotten worse evey game since he came to the dome looking like anything but a 1st time starter. He's down and I hope we keep him and the Bucs down
Who's the Terminator? Do you mean Predator?
Who's the Terminator? Do you mean Predator?

Yeah I meant the predator. The Guvernator movies blend in there every now and then. I must sleep more often.

By the way... have you noticed when he turns to find the ball his hair is in his eyes. Man get a hair cut already!!
Oh I might add that Caddy wants to return to the place of his best performance of the season. I hope we deny him this time.
The reason I can't wait for this game is because this is the first game that we will find out what kind of coaches we really do have. The reason I say this is because this is the first time under the Sean Peyton era that we are playing at team for the second time in the same season. When you play a team for the second time in the same season, you have the luxury of being able to adjust to your previous mistakes. It is comparable to a really long halftime where you can make coaching adjustments to better matchup with a team. If we have a good coaching staff, we will be able to make the proper changes to defeat the bucaqueers more easily than last time. From what we can see so far, our coaching staff is good, so the outlook seems good.

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