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Mar 17, 2006
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Sorry if this is a long post, but it is my first time posting about the draft which i like many have followed for years. I am thinking that we should trade back a few spots in the first round and try and acquire another second round pick or third tound pick. here is what i would love the draft to look like:

Aqib Talib – trade back a little if need be but he is a playmaking corner with game changing abilities. Some look at his lack of speed, at worst 4.55 guy and so no, but they overlook his other measurables; at 6’2’’ he can handle tall receivers and also a 40” vertical to be able to make up for lack of speed. Also a solid return specialist that could help there as well.

Curtis Lofton – A playmaker, sideline to sideline inside linebacker that can cover and snuff out the run. His size is a concern, but his heart, speed and other measurables make him an attractive fit for our defense. He can cover and if we get a lead, teams will be throwing and this will be a strength rather than a weakness.

Erin Henderson – May not be as good as his brother, but after 133 tackle junior season the sky is the limit. If you have ever watched a Maryland game you know this kid is a playmaker, recovered 4 fumbles this year and has a real nose for the ball. If teamed up with fujita and potentially curtis lofton you look to have a solid playmaking set of linebackers with varying skill sets that will mesh well together in our scheme. We could be more aggressive up front with blitz packages and know we have the playmakers behind it to still make plays if it breaks down.

In the third round I like Dominique Rodgers Cromartie – He is again a rare size of height and speed for the secondary. He isn’t the player his cousin Antonio (FSU, and now the chargers) is but he never had the experience of playing at the top level like he did either. He will be given a chance to play in dime packages while McKenzie heals and he should be able to emerge in a few years like his cousin into at worst a nickel corner.

We can then address the rest of the draft to look for depth along the O-line at guard depending on who we bring back as well as center. Also we can take a flyer on a pass rush specialist or a project safety. Also we can look at receivers that can fill duty on special teams that can be molded for the future, and DT’s that can infuse youth into the position. Also dont overlook a late round project QB that might fall like a Colt Brennan or Chad Henne.

Next year we could then upgrade at receiver and DT and any other wholes that were brought to light through the 08-09 season.

What do you all think?

WE have New LB corps of : Fujita , Lofton , Henderson

CB’s look like – McKenzie, Talib, Young , David, Rodgers-Cromartie and Craft

A good Blend of youth experience and talent I feel, and this would instantly make the defense a top 15 unit if free agency can find stop gaps at other positions we could really build off a draft similar to this.


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Feb 9, 2007
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orange park, fla
those moves would put this team in the right direction. SUPER BOWL BOUND!:plus-un2:

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